Brake Servicing at LAcarGUY's Audi Pacific Service Center

To be honest, brake system issues are easy to diagnose. It most likely comes down to annoying squeaks from wheel wells or definite grinding sounds when the brakes are applied. There also might be the telltale sign of significant pulling to the left or right with hard braking. In all, brake systems require upkeep and maintenance as duly undertaken by Audi Pacific's highly skilled service-center technicians.

What Comprises Brake-System Servicing?

A vehicle's brake system encompasses two main parts, working in concert: Calipers and rotors. Given their location, they are easily susceptible to rust, corrosion and damage. And should one component not be working properly, it will hinder and affect the other. Here's what happens at Audi Pacific's Manhattan Beach area service center when having your brakes inspected:

  • On the lift, your tires will be checked for uneven wear. This might be telling of brake issues.
  • Calipers are the clasp-like feature that when deployed, will hug and apply pressure to the rotor or brake disc. Within the caliper, certain components enable this part to work efficiently.
  • Rotors comprise the disc behind the wheel rim, and which fits neatly into the caliper's mounted position. Here, wear is easily noticed given the depth of disc surfacing and whether it has been ground down below the surrounding casing.

Learn More About Brake Repair

If wear or damage is shown, it's an easy fix to replace with new calipers and rotors. At Audi Pacific, there's an inventory of ready-made, genuine Audi parts fully stocked and supplied.

If a brake part is found to be outstanding, the LAcarGUY advantage identifies parts available in other dealerships and quickly delivers those throughout the dealership family.

Inspect for Brake Wear at Audi Pacific's Service Center

Should you suspect something awry with your brakes, make a servicing appointment or drop-in to our greater Los Angeles area service center today.

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