Audi Pacific in Torrance loves the earth and sea as much as their customers do, which is why we proudly keep the Audi e-tron® in stock. With an all-electric vehicle, you take away the worry of fuel depletion during LA traffic and embrace the clean drive traveling to places like Manhattan Beach. Audi takes its high luxury and performance collection and modifies it with powerful electric engines without compromising style and sophistication. Check out the benefits of driving all-electric below.

Benefits of Driving Electric

  • Less Pollution: No exhaust pipe equals no exhaust gases emitting from the vehicle, lowering the pollution levels, particularly in congested cities like Culver City. With an all-electric vehicle, not only are you advocating for clean air, but you're also exempt from congestion charges that some cities enforce.
  • Lower Fees: Say goodbye to gas prices. On average, you'll pay about $1.30 per 100 miles versus $11.05 on a petrol car, saving you a total of 10 dollars every 100 miles! Not only that, but you'll most likely get a tax credit for driving clean, with little to no vehicle tax on your purchase.
  • Charging Perks: Federal grants make charging at home and work accessible to those with little access to charging points. You can also find dedicated parking spots in convenient locations of your favorite destinations, such as Long Beach, giving you complete VIP treatment.
  • Value: Other than the comforting peace and quiet an elective vehicle offers, electric vehicles can also be an affordable option when buying secondhand. Instead of purchasing petrol engines, you can be ahead of the game and go green – since the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles will soon be banned in 2030.

See For Yourself

There are plenty of reasons to buy electric, but only you can decide to make the jump. Take a test drive in one of our all-electric vehicles today by stopping by or scheduling online. Our friendly staff supports making the world a better place, one car at a time.