Let’s switch positions for a second. We’ll be the buyer, and you can be the sales associate. Wait, no, scratch that. You can be the owner. That’s more like it. You can control every part of the process, and then we’ll make you an offer. What are we talking about? We’re talking about you selling your used car to us here at Audi Pacific. How much do you want for it?

Easy Online Tools to Find Your Value

You may not know how much your vehicle is worth off hand. You have a lot more things to focus on in LA than the price of your used vehicle. So, how about this. We’ll give you access to our personalized vehicle appraisal tool. You can enter a bit of information about your vehicle, and we’ll provide you with a conditional value for your vehicle. It’s conditional because one, depending on any upgrades you’ve made to your car, it could be worth more. And two, our expert mechanics will inspect your vehicle and provide the finalized offer.

So, after you get the conditional amount, you can decide whether you want to continue with us or not. But, we think you should continue with us—not just because we truly want to buy your vehicle, but because we make the process hassle-free. Other dealerships in Manhattan Beach or Culver City are known to apply aggressive sales tactics that make you feel you’re in debt to the dealership. They’ll make you feel like there’s strings attached, so when they buy something from you, you have to buy something from them.

We don’t do that here.

Nor do we try to devalue your vehicle like other potential buyers.

We give you a fair price and provide cash or a check for your car. It’s the easy way to go when you’re trying to get rid of a vehicle or upgrade your current ride in Long Beach.

But, Just in Case You Want to Purchase Something

Our inventory is full of new and pre-owned vehicles in excellent condition. The allure of our inventory is often enough to pique the interest of many customers in Torrance. Again, there’s no pressure to buy at all. But, if you hear one of the vehicles in our lot whispering your name, just know that we didn’t tell them to say it.

Audi Pacific

The easy way to sell your car is at Audi Pacific. When you’re ready to get your money and bypass the stress that comes with selling your car to another dealership, you can start your process online. So, before you go, please answer this question. Will you sell us your car?