If you have ever found yourself exploring our Audi e-tron inventory, you might have also found yourself wondering if electric vehicles are good for LA. The popularity of EVs is growing rapidly, but is making the switch to electric the right move for your drives around the Los Angeles area? We think the answer is yes, and we're eager to go over some of the key benefits of owning an EV to help you make the most of your EV shopping experience here at our Audi dealership serving Torrance.

Why Buy an Electrified Vehicle?

Electric vehicles and new Audi hybrid models make excellent fits for your adventures around the Manhattan Beach area because they allow you to enjoy the exquisite luxury and smooth performance of the Audi lineup without burning as much, or in the case of EVs, any, gas.

Some of the key perks of turning to an electrified model like the Audi e-tron include:

Lower Fuel Costs

It generally costs much less to power an electric vehicle than it does to fill a gas tank, so you can enjoy savings when you choose an EV. Whether you go with a fully electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid model that uses a combination of gas and electricity, you can enjoy the perks of charging up.

Easy to Recharge

Since EVs are growing in popularity, it is easier than ever to get them the power they need to keep your adventures going. Whether you plan to spend a few hours at the Torrance Art Museum or burn an afternoon exploring Los Angeles, you can find plenty of public charging stations. The Los Angeles area has more than 2,400 charging stations on its own, and you can always charge your EV at home overnight before your next outing.

These are just a couple of the perks that you can enjoy when you drive an EV around Culver City and Long Beach. Learn more when you explore our new inventory here at our dealership.

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